New Patient Assessment/Treatment          £40.00

Routine Chiropody/Podiatry Treatment      £28.00

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This Chiropody treatment is perfect for general foot care. You will receive attention and guidance from our HCPC registered Chiropodist/Podiatrist,  Treatment commences with nail care with reduction of any thickened nails and removal of hard skin/corns, smoothing of any dry skin completed with application of Gehwol Blue moisturiser (contains natural skin friendly ingredients: rosemary, mountain pine and lavender). Application of emollients  will restore the skins elasticity, suppleness and smoothness making your feet feel nourished and revitalised.

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Bio mechanical Examination                     £40.00

Our podiatrists can examine and evaluate the structure and function of your feet and legs by taking a series of measurements, assessing movement and position and by watching how you walk, which will identify any faulty relationships between these structures and the movements within the foot and leg. On completion of your assessment, the findings will be discussed with you and recommendations made for the most appropriate treatment, which may include exercises, restoration of joint mobility, insoles or custom made orthoses.


Nail Surgery                                            £250.00

This is the permanent removal of a troubled nail under local anaesthetic. A section of the nail can be removed, or the full nail depending on investigation. Included in the cost is one follow up dressing appointment


Verruca Treatment

Initial assessment £40 (follow up treatment from £28)


Dressing Appoimtment £20